Have You Ever…




..wanted a moment back

..whispered prayers into the dark night

..remembered a kiss and cried 

..touched another without using your finger tips

..delighted in the scent of a memory

..loved with reckless abandon

..missed the feel of warm breath on your skin

..seen fireworks when your eyes were closed

..regretted words unsaid

..wished you’d said I love you

..just known that something was right

..relinquished rational thought due to an irrational heart moment

..touched salty skin with the tip of your tongue

..relived happiness in your dreams

..mingled souls with another

..longed for a first kiss to last forever

..waited to long and lost your way

..collided with fate

..been in the path of serendipity

..listened to your heart beat

..wanted something you can’t have

Have you ever? 


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