Thoughts On…

We as humans fall in love, co-habitate, procreate and share our lives with others, all under the guise of “love”.

But what is love?

If memory serves me correctly, love is a deep intensity one feels for another in their soul. 

It is the need to connect, create and share. A feeling so intense that we are blinded by the beauty.

It is the desire to open ourselves up,  mind, body and soul.  

It is subjective.  

However,  if it’s so beautiful, why do people fall out of love?  

In addition, when they no longer love, where does the love they felt for each other go?  

Does it simply dissolve slowly like sugar in water?  

Or does it float away into the ether, hoping to collide with other bits of discarded love?  To be recycled and used another time.

Why do some individuals stay together forever, while others gradually split apart? 

Thus, leaving the beauty that once was vibrant, faded and unused behind.

Is there a formula to make love work?

Is there a potion that will magically transform our lives into fairy tales?

Or are we fated to attempt ‘love’ over and over again?

I have often wondered if I will know what love feels like if it comes along again.  Or will I miss it because of my uncertainty?   

I no longer believe I know what “in love” is, how it happens or what it feels like. 

Or do I?  I honestly don’t know.  

What I do know is that I desire the beauty of deep abiding soulfulness and connectivity.   

But I am fearful.   

I Fear that love will end and I will once again be left wondering “where does love go”?  

One thought on “Thoughts On…

  1. Good questions!!! You made me think about it all.

    Personally, I think one needs to really like someone that one loves romantically, (I’m making an assumption here that is the kind of love to which you write of?), because loving someone just isn’t enough sometimes. When all is said and done, I want to walk next to someone I really like, respect, can laugh with and know for sure will show up for their own life (and mine!)…and, of course, love. [And, it goes without saying, that she would feel similarly about me!] For me, when I love someone, it is a spectacular gift…on top of already spectacular gift that remains constant, yet evolving. But, what do I know, really?

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