I believe that God is all around us.   

Supreme energy,  universal flow and nature; it is all one.

The soulfulness that we are seeps from our pores, permeates the ether, mingles with others and emits radiant beauty.

There is an emptiness inside of me lately that can not be filled with just things or people. It is the part of me that connects to the earth and it cries out for life once again.

The past year has been a bit of a struggle for me.

One night out of complete confusion and the need to focus and center, I began to pray.  I prayed while reciting a mantra and within minutes I felt a calm settle over me and at that moment I knew that I had not lost faith.

Faith in the soul.  Faith in life.  Faith in myself and in my body.

I realized that our focus is what we are,  and if I focus on gentle words sent out to God/Manna/Allah/The Universe (whatever you believe) that this energy will be returned ten fold to us.

I have spent some time as of late, wondering why things happen as they do in this world and I have come to two conclusions.

The first:

Everything happens for a reason; we just need to be patient and follow the signs. 


Sometimes we will never truly know the answers, but we must have faith.

If we don’t we are doomed to suffer chaos.

Buddhism is peace to me. Yet strangely, so is traditional prayer.  Is it possible for the two to mingle?  Yes, it is.

Every day a miracle occurs.  The sun shines, the flowers bloom and we breathe a breath of newness as our eyes open.

Every new day has the potential to be soul fulfilling,  it’s all what you make of it.

A sigh of surprise when a butterfly flutters towards you…

Watching a leaf swirl gently from a tree to your feet…

Laying quietly in the dark while your mind wanders to far off places…

The sweet warmth of a dog curled up next to you…

These are all forms of prayer. You simply need to be aware.

I find strength in the knowledge that I exist and  that energy vibrates and envelops me.

Life Vest Anyone?

I have decided that the only permanent thing in life is impermanence. Sometimes life can feel like a white water rafting journey. The rapids are quick and dangerous and if you want to survive to tell the story for another day, you’d better hold on tight.

Simple Things…



Our days are numbered:

live out loud…
be gentle…
love completely…
remember words can be forgiven but never forgotten…
laugh at yourself not at others…
always be true to yourself even if it’s not what you (or others)wish to hear…
watch at least one sunrise and one sunset weekly…
embrace silence…
learn to love the dark…
treasure each breath…
strive to always make a difference…

Have You Ever…




..wanted a moment back

..whispered prayers into the dark night

..remembered a kiss and cried 

..touched another without using your finger tips

..delighted in the scent of a memory

..loved with reckless abandon

..missed the feel of warm breath on your skin

..seen fireworks when your eyes were closed

..regretted words unsaid

..wished you’d said I love you

..just known that something was right

..relinquished rational thought due to an irrational heart moment

..touched salty skin with the tip of your tongue

..relived happiness in your dreams

..mingled souls with another

..longed for a first kiss to last forever

..waited to long and lost your way

..collided with fate

..been in the path of serendipity

..listened to your heart beat

..wanted something you can’t have

Have you ever? 

Feelings Are Not Facts


I used to love.  

I loved easily, openly and with great passion. 

But I was young and foolish then.

I no longer love this way. 

Time, pain and shattered illusions have numbed me. 

Though even through a Novocaine haze I somehow allow cracks in my armour.

Is there a putty for such openings?  Something that one can run out to the drugstore and buy? 

A bit of heart caulking if you will.   My version would have an anaesthetic mixed in,  something akin to Neosporin with pain relief. 

I’m pretty sure there would be a market for such a salve. 

If there was, would you buy it?

6 Stories of glory (otherwise known as Jesus calls a touch down)!

Big 'J' Calls Touch Down (and the game is over)!


I believe that Jesus burning could possibly be interpreted as the first sign of impending doom (aka apocalypse).

When I first read this story I was immediately struck by it’s unending hilarity.

Seriously? Jesus burns?

Then I thought, is this akin to the burning bush? Will we all soon know more?

My bet is that there are hundreds of thousands of individuals currently preparing for the rapture. I imagine women all over the world, simply crossing things off of their *to do* list.  Grocery shop?  No, why? I’ll soon be floating up to the heavens, so I believe I’ll leave the food to the heathens below.

But seriously folks, I’m not the most religious individual, although I am quite spiritual (yes, there’s a difference).

My thought is this:

Instead of raising money to rebuild this monument (as the church has stated it will), why not use the $400,000 or so needed to clothe, feed and shelter those who are truly unfortunate.

I would garner a guess that there are at least a few thousand in their parish alone that could use a bit of help, compassion, shoes, a warm meal (or two or dozen) and a bit of kindness (in the name of Jesus of course).

Jesus, by all accounts, was a man who preferred to give instead of take. Who (I believe) would abhor a statue in his likeness.

Idolatry is frowned upon more than just a little.

Think Moses coming down from the mountain to find a golden idol.  Shouldn’t these individuals be practicing what they preach?

Sadly I believe it’s just another case of *let’s skew our religion to our own needs and views*.

Am I surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes, surprisingly so.

So in closing I say:

Peace be with you!