It’s all about…



That intense feeling that bubbles forth from the depth of a being, biting at ones skin as it tries to take shape. 

Sometimes we forget that we (as humans)must evolve. 

To move forward, we must let go and step out of our comfort zones. Only then will we experience the divine. Even if the divine is a long way down the road. 

Breaking free and shaking things up a bit lets in fresh air and helps us to see life with new perspective.

One can sit and wonder the “why” of life forever. But there is a possibility that the answers to “why” may never come.  And all that time spent pondering will be lost, never to be recaptured again.

Time is fleeting. With each breath taken our lives slip away. There is no perfect time and no right moment.  For each moment is special and filled with wonderous possibility.

All of us, at least once in our lives, have pulled away from some sort of change due to fear. 

Fear is natural.

Letting fear rule your life is not.

Face your fear, acknowledge its purpose and then walk around it to greet whatever is around the bend.

I believe that acknowledgement and forgiveness are the keys to happiness.

Acknowledge your soul, forgive yourself and others and then let go…

The bottom line:

Enjoy the journey.

See the beauty.

Live in the moment




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