More On Love…

I believe that love is undefinable, yet quite tangible when real.

It is when your soul is stirred by another.

It is the feeling of wanting to write down every word your lover speaks so that they (the words and emotions) will be burned forever into your being.

It is knowing someone from the inside out and accepting everything about them, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly.

It is the desire to be filled and inflamed with another’s essence.

It conjures want, hot and desperate and soothes you to your depths.

As for finding love, I’ve learned that you can not. Instead, when you least expect it, love will find you. It’s the colliding of energies and of souls known..

I think everyone believes in love (no matter how jaded they may seem), for without it we are lost in a bland sea and with it we float upon the sublime.

With that said, I believe that one needs to guard their heart. Too many give this bit of beating, red, warmth away too easily. Sometimes, after we’ve been hurt enough, we (used universally) fear commitment. For once committed we are vulnerable and open to pain.

Love yourself, be with yourself, know who you are and what you want. And when it does find you, it will be all the more beautiful because you are self-aware…


2 thoughts on “More On Love…

  1. WOW ….. Your poetry leaves me breathless. It’s simplistically beautiful. Who are you? There’s nothing about the “you.” More people should be reading your words. I read back and I won’t comment on each but they are all so worthy for many eyes to gaze upon. Thank you for visiting my blog and the wonderful comment but you are the one to receive compliments. I’ll be watching and following you. Thanks again for finding me.

    • You’re so very kind. Thank you, truly!

      I simply write what I’m feeling, but I’m so happy that it has touched you in some way. I am keeping an eye on you as well! I’ll work on a profile, check back soon.


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