A Dream Revisited…

I dreamt I was in India. 
Rivers flowed around me as masses of people tried to touch my heart with withered fingertips. 
Fear enveloped me and I began to run from the overwhelming throng. 
When suddenly I reached a point where I was alone. 
Looking around all I could see was red clay dirt and a river bed. 
I stood between two trees laced with flowing white veils. They leaned inwards as if wanting to touch me but they did not.  Between these trees I felt safe,  if only for a moment. 
Suddenly, in the river, I could see (as if watching a movie) the figures in my life.  They were strong and moving away with the current. 
Crying out I reached to touch them and in doing so left the safety of the trees for the river’s edge. 
Suddenly nothing was left but water, dirty and swirling….

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