Because it’s still relevant…

I realized this evening that I will never be some of the things that I secretly want to be. 
I will never be a beautiful movie star who walks the red carpet. 
I will never be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. 
I will never be a doctor who saves lives.
I may never be a mother. 

I will however be older come July 16th. 

I wonder what I’ll be then. 
Will I continue to still be a woman who doesn’t know what she truly wants? 
Will I be the girl who used to love to wake up in the morning simply because it was new?
Am I destined to relive daily events over and over, without electrical moments?

I want electrical moments.

How do people live without them?

I want to gasp as the current runs through me.

Lose my breath as exhilaration permeates my lungs. 

Tingle with expectation.

Vibrate with want.

Be breathless with desire



3 thoughts on “Because it’s still relevant…

  1. Although your path may have deviated from some of the specifics you stated, it seems to mean that you still encompass all of those desires in your daily life in some way. For instance, you are very beautiful, both internally and externally–more than any insecure movie star. You have the joy of throwing your pom-poms without all the nonsense of a real cheerleader. You have more compassion and empathy for other people than any doctor I know. You are a wonderful “mom” to Lulu. On 16 July, you will only become more solvent in your lovely self and your life. As far as a charge? You hold the key to turning that charge on. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap! Can you feel it?

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