Connections are soulful.

They are formed the moment that two souls realize they share a bond, whether it’s from the past or present.

I believe that small connections are made daily and that these small moments shape our minutes, hours, days and lives.  Yet we just don’t realize it at the time. 

Our  days are filled with noise, commotion, deadlines, stress and other mundane issues that insist on our attention.  So who has the time to truly see the infinitesimal moments that help to create the energy of who we are.

Then there are the larger connections,  the ones that we immediately realize will profoundly affect us in some way. 

These connections are fraught with electrical currents that run from one person to another.  Which, for reasons unknown, bring us unconsciously together as if  we’re being guided by an invisible magnet.

Walls are slowly lowered.

Lives are spoken of.

Secrets are revealed and emotions shared. 

There are mental, spiritual, sexual and metaphysical bonds that are possible with others. 

But what happens when these different aspects are present at once?  What does it mean? 

I once loved a man so deeply that I truly knew his thoughts or at least felt them.  I was aware of his needs without him ever verbalizing them.  I knew his presence from afar, even if my back was towards him. I could feel him and it (his energy) would cause me to momentarily stop breathing. 

 I simply knew…

When he touched me, the entire world fell away and all I felt was a floating, warm sensation that enveloped me. 

I would melt.

His voice.

His breath.

His scent.

His touch.

It’s all I knew. 

And I was happy to know only these things.  For somewhere inside I knew the beauty that we possessed.  A deep soul moving connection.

Is it possible to find it again?

Or are we destined to love only one person this way in our lifetime? 

Are our souls meant to wander this life hoping to collide with a known energy?

Should we settle for something that is less than soul-stirring to feed other desires?

Or are we better off simply living our lives on our own?


6 thoughts on “Connection…

  1. I can see why you don’t need a profile. You reveal yourself through your poetry. You answered your own question in ……..More on love …… it will find you. I like that idea.

    • Thank you so much, Manzanita! I’m actually still working on an “about me” section. Promise!

      You flatter me with your words. I’m truly grateful.

  2. I’ve been reading these entries of yours since they began. They seem compelling, and ask eternal questions. Childlike questions (not childish). Maybe I’ve been waiting to see if the answers will be revealed here.

    The kind of spontaneous combustion that you described is rare. You already know that. It’s like some kind of soul-symmetry that, if found, it cannot be duplicated with another. If you have lost it, it’s futile to seek to replace it with like kind and quality.

    Our souls are always wandering, looking for its missing pieces. That can happen even in the midst of a relationship with someone that we feel soul-symmetry with. I believe that our souls are made up of many parts – many lives. We have been sold on the fairy tale of “One Love” who will complete us, but our souls know differently.

    When we ‘lose’ a person, we feel as though we have lost an aspect of our soul but it’s not lost – not at all. We don’t lose it when we lose someone who is dear to us, but we sometimes lose the willingness to risk the part of ourselves that once loved so innocently. We can compartmentalize our hearts and set boundaries of chain link fence topped by barbed wire that no one can get over (and sometimes we can’t either).

    Even that is a feeble explanation.

    Maybe, this: As children, we give trust openly and with our arms outstretched, certain that nothing ill could ever befall us as a result of that trust. We are tempered by age and time, with the hammer of experience, that it is not always so. Trust becomes a precious commodity.

    That is the entrapment of the soul which prevents us in our later years from allowing ourselves to ‘risk it all’ – to love fearlessly. It’s not that it’s non-existent, but we choose not to GIVE it. Therefore, we cannot receive it. Or even find it. When our souls start watching our own backs instead of looking ahead, we can’t see what’s in front of us.

    Love exists all around us. We see it every day; we recognize it for what it is and what it is worth. Yet, our tempered souls at times prevent us from allowing love into our hearts fully. We can see it and we think we are worthy of it – so why do we not ‘have it’ in our lives (if we don’t)?

    Online, we can’t experience others in a full sense because we are divided by dimensions beyond our control. The kind of mental, spiritual, sexual and metaphysical bonds you mentioned are impossible in this realm. We may be passing each other in the hallways of life but can’t reach beyond our separate dimensions to experience each other. It is when two people truly see each other in three dimensions that their souls connect fully. But in person, what often separates us is our sense of self-protection. That love we see every day seems to be for others, though we hope expectantly for that soul collision that may never come because we’re too well guarded.

    What happens when we ‘lose’ a love?

    It sounds like one has lost a sneaker after changing their shoes at a gym. Maybe it feels like that. Some people need to replace a lost love like you would get a new pair of shoes after you lose one. Do you know what it feels like when you’ve been replaced like a lost shoe? Boy, I sure do. It may have diminished them in my eyes, but it did not diminish my soul to have given love to the seeker of nothing more than a shoe. If it were me, I would – and have – chosen bare feet.

    My questions don’t have answers, either. I’ll keep reading to see what you come up with.

    Thanks for your thought-provoking words.

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