Life is like…


It’s full-bodied, sweet, sensual and sometimes bitter.  But always delicious!

I awoke this morning with chocolate cravings and realized that I crave life’s  abundance as well…


2 thoughts on “Life is like…

  1. Chocolate. How true and timely to my life. Must be timely to you now, too. I say this because my daughter & I are making chocolate breakfast pudding. I had written a post on my old old blog about the pudding and I was just thinking of writing another. Chocolate is so good and the raw cacao gives you (or at least, gives me a great high) More so than alcohol and without the hangover. We (my daughter & I ) just returned from the folk festival in Butte. I want to do a post on that too. My battery went dead on my little camcorderor I would have done more. Probably just as well. The people were so happy and polite and just good Americans.

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never had raw cacao before. However, I’m thinking that I need to give it a try. The high sounds fabulous! I’d love to hear about the festival in Butte (which translated means, please write about it soon)!

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