Cape Cod Longing…

A Walk At Low Tide


I miss Cape Cod.     

The last time I visited was in September 2009.  It’s been much too long.      

I remember it was stunningly beautiful in the Fall.      

The sunlight was dappled and welcoming.       

The Indian Summer air was warm and left lingering remnants of salt on my lips.       

I recall a red moon rose on the first night and it’s reflection was caught  in the wetness of the low tide.      

The lobster was delicious and decadent and the streets bustled with vibrant energy.       

There’s something romantic and endearing about this area of the country.  Mysterious and historic as well.       

And just to touch on a bit of the historic: Most aren’t aware that the Pilgrims first landed in Province Town before the Mayflower came to rest at Plymouth Rock.       

Some of the oldest Pilgrim cemetaries in our country our located there.  I love to walk through them, reading the names and epitaphs on the crumbling yet amazingly interesting head stones.  In the oldest parts you can find bits of the headstones that have fallen off.  Shards of layered stone that tingle when you hold them.  As if still emitting energy from the past.      

The magic begins the moment you start your drive on the Cape.       

I’m always so excited to see the wild turkeys on the side of the road.  So much so that I squeal and want to stop the car to walk with and photograph them.       

I love saying the names of the towns out loud as I pass the signs that direct you to them.  It’s just fun to think of living in a town called ‘Sandwich’ don’t you think (just a bit of history: It’s the oldest town on the Cape and one of the oldest in the United States)?       

But my favorite moment is when the sand dunes come into sight.  There’s something so magical about them.       

One day I hope to own a cottage there.  Somewhere to simply ‘be’ and ensconce myself in pure, quiet beauty.      

Yes, I’m longing for the Cape…


2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Longing…

  1. What a lovely post. I missed it before. I’ve never been to that part of the country. But from what you describe we all share the same seasons and reasons for living and dying. Cemetaries have always been a big draw to me. Especially the old ones with crumbling headstones. I must have been a weird child because I loved to sit on the headstones, dangle my feet and eat my lunch.

    Indian Summer….. So fascinating how it appears after you think, “Oh boy, lets hunker down for the winter,” & suddenly there’s this lovely brief re-birth of fascinating earth scents. But, it’s all too short.

    You nudged something inside of me with this one. Thanks

    • How wonderful! It’s a lovely part of the country. It’s funny, Indian Summer is beautiful if you live in a place where the Winter is truly cold. In California I’m always longing for Fall and Winter (after 4 or 5 months of stifling heat)! As for cemetaries I love them. The older the better. They are mysterious, beautiful and filled with stories. I don’t think there was anything wrong with you as a child. I find it delightfully quirky!

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