Life’s Intricacies…



Have you ever wondered about them?

Things such as jealousy? Cravings? Kindness? Sadness? Soulfulness? Humility? Love?  Words?

Let’s start with:


It’s a wasteful emotion but one that we have all felt some time or another.  Most of the jealousy we as people feel manifests because we believe a situation to be something that it is not.  If people would only take a step back and remember that surface things have a way of deceiving, there might be less energy expended on this and more on beauty.  I know I am a person who keeps such emotions in check (or I do my best too).  If you believe in who you are, what you have and have had (with someone or yourself) then there is no need for this emotion. 


There are so many different kinds ~

Food, sexual, monetary, beauty.  But it all comes down to one thing, an intense longing for something.  I crave much, but sometimes  feel if you satisfy your cravings too often you may lose that thrill that comes with getting something you really wish for.  When things are too easily fulfilled does the craving (the true feeling of having one, the essence) become just another need?


There is to little of it in this world. Too much cruelty and intentional pain placed upon people.  If each person in this world performed a daily gesture of it, I believe that there would be a universal shift of energy on our planet.  Which would  make our lives more beautiful and our spirits richer and more fulfilled.  Life is truly about the small things, they are what matter to a heart the most.  I am always thankful for the minutiae, for  it is my air, water and sustenance in this life.


It’s cathartic.  The souls way of purging itself.  It’s growing pains of the spirit and beautiful in its own right.  A friend says that such emotion is earned and I would have to agree.  We earn the right to feel it and should never shy away from it.  These  feelings help make up who we are and will be.  Without it some of the most beautiful works of art, scores of music, poems and books would not exist.  We are creatures who need to be moved…


It is a depth.  An understanding of universal flow.   An intensity, that gives us the ability to relate with the earth, the moon, the stars and humanity.  I believe that most have it but are afraid to touch or acknowledge it…


The act of being humble.  Lowering oneself so that you may experience the beauty of nature, power, want and love. It is when one strips away the ego and bares themselves to the universe or another person. Giving up control so that they may ebb and flow gently at the behest of something more powerful than themselves.


An intensity that wells within and at some point or another must be released, shared, given and respected.  To many give love in the hopes of receiving it or something else in return.  But I believe that the love that you give is the true gift in itself.  Not all love will be reciprocated.  Not all gestures of the heart and soul can be fulfilled in kind.  However, if you let the true essence of love saturate your being you will know what it is to be truly blessed. 


Words may be  forgiven but never forgotten. They manifest as a caress or a slap and they are strong and deep.  Words; simple letters strung together but when infused with emotion stir to life in all their beauty. Be careful how you use them, for they can mislead, hurt or bring great happiness in their power.

Just a few thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Life’s Intricacies…

  1. This again, is soooo thought provoking and beautiful AND timely. Your posts are always timely. Where are you? In the corner of my old farm house with a net, catching my thoughts as I send them out? I just sent the whole post to my daughter but the first part on jealousy is the one I called her attention to. She has a terrible affliction with jealousy. We just talked about it, all the way to Butte. She rationalizes with herself and thinks it’s under control but then it pops it’s head at the silliest (seems to me) thing. Her jealousy involves her love object for a man, not for mundane occurances. It’s been the threat that’s ruined her relationships & she knows all of that, but she can’t get it under control. All the way to Butte (& back. Frankly I got a litte tired of hearing about it. It’s founded on nothing that I would even waste my time thinking about. But we’re all different.

    Enough of that. Thank you for the words on Cacao. One of my favorites. If you make it, tell me how it turns out and if you like it. If you use a banana in place of a coconut, you have to use a litte spring water, of course. Are you a cook? I dislike cooking standard american but I get excited preparing food that nourishes not only my body but my soul and Cacao certainly does that.

    • Thank you so much for your words. If only I were in your old farm house. It sounds like it was so lovely. It’s always so wonderful to connect with others who ‘feel’ as we do, isn’t it?

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