It Seems…


Bespectacled Me


Dear gentle readers, 

It seems that the world is conspiring against me.  

My beloved and much-needed spectacles have come to an ugly and quite painful demise.  

Hence, I am at this time unable to truly write.   This is unfortunate as my mind is brimming with thoughts to share. 

Will the girl be sighted again soon? Only the shadow knows! 

Stay tuned…


10 thoughts on “It Seems…

  1. But —

    What about all the universal questions that need answering?

    Things like:

    Why does one who depends so greatly on spectacles for sight not have an extra pair?

    Is sight needed more for writing? Or for reading? Couldn’t Helen Keller do both?

    How does one get to an optometrist’s office to be fitted for a new pair of glasses without using sight to get there?

    Does the shadow REALLY know?

    Does the shadow know, on a cloudy day?

    And where does the shadow go at night?

    • Ah, yes, the universal questions…

      They definitely still need answering and I’m on the job!

      Unfortunately, I do (or did) have an extra pair of spectacles, but where they are is quite the mystery to me (to my dismay). So, a new pair is to be had today! As for reading and writing, yes, they are needed for both. Squinting causes wrinkles and it’s just not my thing ; ) As for Helen Keller, she was a miracle worker you know!

      As for the rest of your questions, great food for thought (I’m munching on them now). And as for the shadow: Yes, he knows on a cloudy day. Don’t ask me how I know. It’s top secret!

      • Aren’t wrinkles inevitable? (For mere mortals)

        Whatever the Shadow knows, he “strikes terror in the hearts of shysters, lawbreakers, and criminals”! Pennsylvania Blue Coal is somehow related to his mission statement. Why does he tell you everything, but won’t tell me?

        (it’s a good thing that’s a radio and not a television, you won’t need eyes to see)

      • No, wrinkles are not inevitable. That’s why women have ROC!

        As for the Shadow, we’re close. That’s all I can say at the moment!

        By the way, I have new spectacles, so once again all is right and no longer blurry in my world ; )

  2. I send you sympathy and a speedy pair of glasses. I know what it’s like not to be able to see. I’ve also been there all my life. Now it sends a black cloud over my driver’s license renewal. Is there such a thing as “good eyes Fairy Dust that we could sprinkle on our pillows?

  3. How about a Tinker Belle type wearing those 50’s cat eye glasses with rhine-stones around the plastic edge???? There’s a breakfast cafe in Bozeman by name of “Cat Eyes.” People come in wearing those crazy glasses and if you don’t bring your own, they provide a pair. Now there’s a good gimmick.

  4. Oh I’m sorry to hear that! Well I’m glad you were able to see long enough to read what I posted and for writing your comment to me! You give excellent advice and I really appreciated it! Thank you so much for that! You are so right….stress and frayed nerves definitely aren’t worth the positive bits!!



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