I just bit into the juiciest nectarine I have ever encountered.

It was plump, enticing and tantalized my taste buds before they had even sampled it.

The sweetness immediately intoxicated me and elicited little sighs of pleasure. 

Delightfully  fragrant and somewhat sticky juice, slowly dripped from the ripe fruit. 

At that moment all I knew was pure bliss. 

How could something so simple be so life affirming?

Should God really have punished Eve for taking a taste? 

Shouldn’t we all (taste life)?

 It was as if I suddenly knew all the beauty the world held. 

Simple, unadulterated joy. 

Brought forth by a piece of fruit? 

Have I lost my mind?

Is life so provincial?

No, I don’t think so.

I believe that  my heart was open and briefly unencumbered.  So much so that I was able to truly experience the beauty of the moment. 

A few seconds of something simple yet ever so complex.  



3 thoughts on “Juicy…

  1. You have truly amazing thoughts. I too, believe that life can be so simple or terribly complex…. depending on the monent. I’m excited for you to get a retro pink bike. It will be a ladies without that middle bar, won’t it” ….. and a little woven basket in the front to carry a few items? Then you can wear a skirt when you ride. I can see it. Such a dear gift to yourself.

    • It’s funny the things that I think at times. Seriously though, it was one of those “ah ha” moments. You know? As for the bike, yes, it will be (hopefully) one that is a replica from the fifites. No middle bar, a lovely basket and bells for the handles. I’ll have a book in the basket, a bottle of delicious water and a bit of fruit. It’s all so romantic. I can’t wait! Pictures to follow when it’s finally mine…

      Thank you so much for listening to me. It’s quite heartening.

      Hugs and wishes for a lovely week to come.

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