A Few Late Bits …


Have you ever just felt swept away by life? 

That’s how I’ve felt as of late. 

It’s as if the seconds, minutes, hours and days simply roll into one another.  I find that I’m having a difficult time differentiating between them. 

I have a list of a thousand things that need to get done.  Some little and others rather large. 

I want to clean the carpets.

Finish the patio and make it pretty.

Finish this class and ace the final.

Rearrange the furniture in the living room.

Hang pictures and put out bits of pretty, so that the place feels like a home.

Get up early every morning and walk Lulu while it’s still fresh and cool outside.

Bake banana bread.

Finish the four books I’ve started and so much more.

Lately I’ve been frustrated with myself.  

I seem to put everyone and everything ahead of what I need (and always have).  But sooner or later we have to gather the strength and say “me first”.  

I have a new mantra:

I will be happy. 

To do this I need to put my house and life in order.  As soon as I do I believe that a bit of the chaos  that I’m feeling will dissipate. 

I’m not used to putting myself first truth be told.  

But I’m going to give it my best shot!

2 thoughts on “A Few Late Bits …

  1. In the words of the Nike Gods: “Just do it.”

    There isn’t anything you can’t do, because you rock, woman.

    [Yum. Banana bread!]

  2. Missed you and your sweet wisdom. You must have been cleaning carpets and baking banana bread. Overwhelmed???? Yeah, been there many times. Guess we have to lighten our load a little. Take a few bales of hay off the wagon.

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