I am willing to do anything.  Anything, that is, that will keep me from studying. 

First, a sock drawer cleaned. 

Then there was the mid afternoon fruit water break (shared with Lulu The Princess Bean)

Then of course the requisite walk for Lulu (which was a bit longer than normal). 

I believe now that I need to run an errand.  What this errand is will remain a mystery (I suppose) until I’m in my car and heading in that direction (whichever direction I feel I should go).



Uh huh.

2 thoughts on “Final…

  1. Pretty book markers like that should be a good incentive to study. Maybe it’s the subject matter that doesn’t intrigue you. If it’s required reading and it’s boring to you …….. that’s a bummer.

    • Yep, it’s required. But I simply need to finish the studying to take the final. Unfortunately there’s a lot of law jargon that is making my brain resist. I’m settling into tomorrow though ; )

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