Happiness Is…

•Crisp parchment paper•
•Old fashioned ink pens•
•The sound and smell of wood crackling in a fire-place•
•Birds and their songs•
•Black and white horror films on Halloween•
•Sappy love songs•
•Barry Manilow (don’t judge)•
•Surprises just because•
•Old world charm and manners•
•Chivalry (towards me of course)•
•Singing in the shower•
•I have a crazy desire to collect hand-made soaps•
•Coach purses•
•Naming everything•
•Alone behaviour when I’m not alone•
•The Quiet•
•Old Buildings and their stories•
•Books and their smell•
•Deep penetrating kisses•
•Equestrian events•
•The wind in my face•
•Individuals who understand girls like me•
•Pink Depression glass•
•Deadliest Catch•
•Nick and Nora Charles•
•The sound of a heart beating•
•The sound of the ocean•
•Learning to be patient•
•The thrill of instant gratification•
•Searching flea markets for hours•
•Spontaneous trips•
•Secret places•
•English gardens•
•Pretty Bungalows•
•Diet Coke•
•Ritual of all kinds•
•The scent of burning incense•
•Strong hands that heat my skin•
•laughter that bubbles forth from ones soul•
•The smell of Tuberose•
•The way chocolate melts on my tongue•
•The way words feel as they slip from my lips•
•The feel of snow flakes on my eyelashes and rain on my lips•
•My obesession with lipstick•
•Pink, sparkly things•
•Magic wands (if only)•
•Hostess Cherry Pies•
•Being read to•
•Wearing a mans shirt•
•Being objectified (fun)!•
•The Dark•
•French Champagne•
•Being still with myself•
•Blue Alerts•
•Crushed ice•

6 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. I like a lot of the things on this list including Mr Manilow. My fave entry is
    “Individuals who understand girls like me”. How about individuals who ADORE girls like you?? Love and Kisses ~Seth

  2. WOW …… is that a budding romance?

    I love Barry Manilow…who would judge?
    Nick and Nora Charles
    Pink Depression Glass

    Leaders of the pack but they all deserve lengthy consideration.
    Good thoughts.

    • Ha! No. Not a budding romance. A very dear friend that I adore. He’s always much too kind to me.

      I love my pink depression glass. It’s so whimsical. Years ago, I went to see Arsenic and Old Lace at the Alex Theater. They had “dish night” during that showing. Everyone who entered received an old fashioned dish. It was fantastic. I still have the dish to this day. Sometimes I believe it’s quite possible that I was born during the wrong era.

      : )

  3. You may wear my shirt anytime! Good stuff! Nice piece. As an individual, I dig a girl just like you and who looks exactly like you. ; )

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