Kung Pao at Sunrise …

There’s something delightful about left over Chinese take out.  Especially in the morning. 

That’s right, I’m eating Kung Pao and watching the Sunrise. 

Who says that breakfast must be eggs, toast and bacon?

When did we become so accustomed to eating certain things at specific times of the day?

Shouldn’t we begin our days on a spicy note? Won’t it help to not only get your metabolism going but wake you up as well?

On another note, I should be applying mascara at this very moment.  However, I am not.  It seems that I’m having a wee bit of an issue with priorities this morning, eh?

But, hey, that’s how I roll (okay, I don’t ever use this phrase but it’s just fun)!!

Morning? Really?

It’s morning and we (the royal we of course) are not amused.

Wasn’t I just awake four hours ago?

Why is my alarm so obnoxious?

How in the world am I going to make it through this day when I feel like an elephant is sitting on my head?

Thank God for Diet Coke!

What will Lulu’s doctor say this morning?

Why doesn’t gasoline pump itself? For that matter, why isn’t it free?

Is it possible to finish my Diet Coke in six minutes? The time left between now and when I shower (only five now).



Have I said thank God for Diet Coke yet?



Yep, the questions continue.

Stay tuned!

Again …



So, here I sit once again, plagued by sleeplessness.

It’s the same story only on a different night. 

A thousand thoughts fill my head, yet I can’t put my finger on just one. 

But I’ll try …

Will I be able to wake up at 5:00 am when the alarm goes off?

Will I make it to my Dr’s appointment? Or should I reschedule? Do I even really want to go to the appointment?  Should I go?

Will I remember to pack my Roc cleanser discs? If I forget will the wrinkles that I’m staving off suddenly appear? What if the stores back East don’t carry them? Will I be forced to use an inferior product?

Are the crickets singing or are they speaking with one another?

When will I feel better?

Am I making the right decisions?

Should I take a sleeping aid?

Why did Lulu get hurt? Did I give her too much medicine this evening because I couldn’t see the lines clearly?

Was Eve really sinful? Or was the fruit?

Will I ever be able to wear the new wedge heeled, brown, Mary Jane’s that I purchased some time ago?  And, why in the world is my wardrobe freakishly lacking in the color brown?  If I buy more brown will it over power the black?

Maybe I should stop writing and polish my silver jewelery. 

Do rainbows really have a connection?

What will the movie be on the flight?

Why don’t I have chocolate in the house?

If a butterfly fluttered its wings against my cheek, would it tickle?

How do I relax?

Am I just rambling?

Why in the world did I attempt to apply red nail lacquer this evening?


A Soulful Bowl …



Call me silly but I find something spiritual about chinese soup. 

It’s soulful food.

My bowl is a treasure trove of colorful beauty and texture.  It feels ‘real’ to me and it’s warmth somehow soothes my soul this evening.

I’ve been thinking lately about changing the way I eat.  In the sense that I would like to cut out things that aren’t natural. 

They say that if your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, don’t eat it. 

I have also tried to go organic as much as possible.  I delight in the way organic food looks.  No shellac coating  to make it shiny, or chemicals to mar the health value.  Instead, lovely pure color and texture that elicits thoughts of the earth. 

I believe that if we started eating for the soul (i.e. organic, fresh, humanely slaughtered, less refined), there would be less illness in the world.  And, happier people. 

When my food arrived a bit ago I was hungry and ready to eat.  But, instead of consuming without thought I took the time to savor each delicious spoonful.  I let my taste buds thrill in each bite.  I allowed my senses to take over.   It wasn’t just sustenance, it was love.

 And, isn’t this the way it was meant to be?

Put Your Thoughts Here …

If social networking sites didn’t exist, who would you be sharing your thoughts with now?

It’s a curious question.

We have become so used to dispensing our every thought, want, need and desire publicly, that I sometimes wonder if we’ve forgotten how to do it privately.

I don’t share easily. 

Yet I find it ridiculously simple to put down (virtually) any random thought or emotion that I may have. 

Why is this?

Do we believe that others may not take us at face value about what we’re saying?  So much so that we feel safe?

Have we become so desensitized to life that we will share our fears, daily moments, sadness or joy with random strangers, and not with those we hold dearest? 

Shouldn’t we instead be speaking these words gently into a lovers ear?

Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if we infused paper with our essence? 

Do you remember when we did?

Every Now and Then …

I am feeling the wee’est bit passive aggressive this afternoon. 

Now, as a rule, I rarely ever have this urge.  However, for some reason this evening is different. 

But here’s the question: Am I truly being passive aggressive if I’m aware of my emotions?

You’re stumped right?

Me too.

So, instead of analyzing my feelings or giving in to them (and trust me, nothing good can come of this), I had a glass of wine and listened to a bit of Vivaldi.  Oh yes, I also fantasized about cream puffs, but that’s a whole other topic in itself!

I guess the bottom line is this:

Self awareness is the key.

Pocket Book Shock …


As I suspected:

I may never be able to do anything nice for myself again. 

This based on Lulu’s veterinary bill for the past two weeks alone. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I put her health and welfare above everything else.  But, it would be nice to do something for me before I go back East next month. 

The poor little beast was back at the doctors today because her eye seemed worse.  And, it was. 

Hopefully the medicine that they gave me to help with the pain will ease her discomfort.  I just have to remember to wash my hands immediately after giving it to her.  I guess it can dilate my eyes too.  And I honestly have enough issues without being blinded for a bit.

Stay tuned!

The Pull …



I’m filled with restless energy today. 

It feels as if I’ve been infused with a sort of alien life force.   Something so unknown and strange. 

It’s as if my mind and body have been saturated with caffeine.  So much so that I swear the smell of coffee beans should seep from my pores.

Have you ever felt as if your soul were desperately trying to tell you something?  That if you’re very still you’ll hear it?

I feel there is an answer hanging in the air and all I have to do is walk through it.  As one would walk through a mist of perfume.

What is the answer?  For it’s not clear. 

 But the feeling is there and it’s time to listen.






Soulful pull.

I won’t step around it this time. 

Instead, I intend to fully immerse myself in it.

Morning …


So, here I sit at 4:30 am …

It’s still dark outside and there’s a lovely quiet that  permeates the world.  I’ve forgotten how peaceful this time of day (albeit extremely early morning) is. 

I used to always wake up at this time.  I would bounce out of bed a moment before the alarm went off and greet the day.  Of course, that was when my body clock wasn’t completely off kilter.

There’s something about the beginning of a new day that brings thoughts of possibility.  It’s as if everything one believes, desires or thinks will be attainable. 

Life is fresh.

Even the air (which has not yet been saturated by the hot Summer sun) is sweet, cool, moist and new.

I am once again acquainting myself with its beauty.