Todays Longing…

The day is hot and slow. 

I’m longing to be away from it all. 

Someplace where the earth is a red clay. 

Where the smell of sweet grass is strong and the heat is dry and saturating. 

I want to see  wild flowers.

And, watch horses graze  in a pasture.

I want to know that when evening falls, all I’ll see is darkness. 

No outside world to disturb the quiet. 

I want to wake early and watch deer grazing in the dewy field and once again know the beauty of simple. ..


4 thoughts on “Todays Longing…

  1. My longing today is far different. But, if I could have three wishes, I’d wish them all for you so that you would find who, what and where you long for.

  2. Sounds like you want to be in Montana. We gotcha sweet grass, we gottcha wild flowers, we gotcha dry heat, yah hoo, plenty of that right now. We gotcha black nights and it’s truly so quiet, it’s deafening. No kidding.We gotcha horses….. do we have horses and deer!!! ….. even in the city. Helena, has them all over the capitol lawn, munching away. They’re in my yard always. Cody ignores them. They just stare at each other. Maybe we can even rustle up a cowoy for you, even though you didn’t mention that!!!!

    • Montana sounds lovely! I was actually referring to my grandparents property, North of here. I used to spend my Summers there. It was surreal at times, and ever so simple. However, I’d welcome a visit and even though I didn’t ask for a cowboy, heck, how could a girl turn that down ; )

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