A Knowledge…


Here I sit. 

Awake with a feeling of anticipation.

The kind that makes you feel anxious.

Sleep is elusive tonight.  

I have decided that what I need at this moment are hands.

Strong, soothing, hands.

The kind that will make me feel safe with a mere touch. 

Hands that will speak to me without words. 

Years and years ago I loved a man who could do this.

His hands were known to me.  But not only that, they knew me. 

Suddenly I am thinking not only of his hands but of how I was with him.

There has never been another that I slept so well with. 

Insomnia was non-existent when I was in bed by his side.  I would simply lay my head on his chest with my ear over his heart.  Then, his arms would wrap around me and his hands would caress.  

I would simply and sweetly fall asleep…

Oh to feel that sort of peace at this moment.


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