Fear and Emoting…


Lulu and I just experienced a rather odd and frightening moment.

It’s late, and before retiring I always take her out for a quick potty. 

I walked over to the davenport and she was lying there, completely still.  Usually when I give her a little shake she’ll open her eyes.  However, tonight she did not.  I tried very hard to rouse her, even picking her up and trying to get her to stand, but to no avail.  She simply flopped lifelessly like a rag doll. 

Immediately I began to panic.  Calling her name. Shaking her.  Picking her up.  It seemed like an eternity before she actually opened an eye.  But by this time I was beside myself. 

Words can not express the relief I felt at her movement. 

It took her an extraordinary amount of time to gain complete alertness. 

During these moments, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t live without her. 

The thought of her leaving me one day is incomprehensible. 

She is the one constant in my life.  She brings copious amounts of joy to me, like nothing ever has before. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that we’re co-dependant and symbiotic.  Nope, not at all ashamed.

I just finished cuddling with her (while I cried of course). 

God, if only I could record the way she feels.  And, the way I feel when she curls up next to me.  So that I’d have it (the feeling) when I needed it.  Which would be forever.

The love I receive from the little beast is pure and makes my soul complete…


8 thoughts on “Fear and Emoting…

  1. What was wrong with LuLu that she didn’t respond? Did you ever figure it out?
    Odd, I wrote a post on Cody for today too. Well she was only the catalyst for the post
    LuLu is little and sweet. Little dogs are easier to have with you all the time.

    Cody was a puppy rescue dog and she would not have been my choice. I had a chihuahua who was 15 at the time and he was the complete love of my life. Cody would be better off on a ranch with animals but I know no one would cook her food like I do.

    That is a very good photo of you and LuLu.

    • I don’t know what was wrong with her. Except to say that as she gets older, she seems to be a much deeper sleeper. I was concerned however, because she’s had a little bit of an ice infection for the past few days (which I’m treating) and thoughts of some hidden illness that I wasn’t aware of kept passing through my mind.

      Cody is adorable! You cook for Cody too? I do the same for Lulu : ) It’s the healthiest and ensures that she’s not getting too much fat in her diet. She has pancreatitis and is on a prescription kibble. But she loves boiled chicken breast and veggies mixed with it!

      What was your little dogs name? I love chihuahuas…

      Happy day to you and the pup!

    • By the way, thank you for the comment on the picture. Lulu loves to cuddle right under my chin. And, she was literally sound asleep when I snapped this. She’s my heart!

  2. Wow. Scary. Hope you are both okay? You will each live in each other’s hearts and souls eternally. There’s no love or bond like dog love, except maybe cat love.

  3. That is so good for a dog to cook their food. My vet does most things naturally, in fact she feeds her dog completely raw and her dog has the most shiny coat I’ve ever seen.

    LuLu will live a long life. Pancreatis is such a big word for a little dog.But you are doing the right thing to pay so much attention to her food. My Chihuahua was Wetoe. It was baby talk for Little. Who can ever NOT talk baby talk to the tiny dogs? But finally Wetoe only started answering to Wetoe so that became his name. Both LuLu and Cody are lucky. I can’t even watch that sad ad on TV for dog shelters. And then they play that mournful music….rips your heart out.

    • We’re kindred.

      I can not watch it either. I either have to mute the television and look away, or hum to myself loudly and look away. It’s heartbreaking to me. But then, I tend to love and trust animals much more than humans.

      Wetoe, how sweet! Yes, little dogs are precious. Lulu’s personality is beyond words. Truly spectacular. Although, I saw the video where Cody was playing with the little girl on the slide. Cody is fraught with personality as well.

      Do you ever give Cody bits of fruit? Lulu loves it. For obvious reasons I don’t feed it to her often (the sugar is bad for her teeth), but when I do she loves it. Her favorites are blueberries and apple. She especially loves to share my afternoon glass of iced fruit water with me : )!

      Tell me, what do you feed Cody?

  4. Sorry I didn’t get back. I’ve been terribly busy. It was spooky what you said because I could have written it. I do the same thing. Mute the sound, change the channel or cover my ears so I can hear that sad music.

    LuLu must eat the fruit as is. I give it to Cody but I have to mash it in with her food. I don’t give it often either, perhaps if a banana gets to ripe, etc. Never tried blueberries but have given her apples. Iced fruit water sounds good. How do you make that?

    Cody’s food is quite a production and keeps me busy. I cook a huge pot of veggies with turkey scraps and freeze in portions of 4. Lightly cook bison meat separate and freeze in portions of 4. Then about every 4 days I cook either oatmeal or rice. I blend a recipe of oils together and she gets 2 tsp on her food. So one meal consists of either rice or oats, veggies, bison meat, oil and a raw egg (maybe 3 times a week). Then she gets a raw meaty bone to chew on (outdoors).

    More trouble than my food but once I started it, I felt guilty if I quit.

    Dogs are so smart. The little cocker in the video with Cody is my daughter’s dog. I pick her up a lot and take her to the park with us. Whenever I go to my daughters, the cocker runs to the back of my car (Cody’s travel home) and sits and waits so she won’t get left. Pretty funny.

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