Quenching The Soul…


Wetness …

It is life.

Today I stood on the sand and let the cold, salty, dark waters of the Pacific wrap around me. 

I craved its soft, cool touch.  I needed its beauty.

With each liquid and silky caress I began to feel free.  ‘

As I stood there, the salty wind whispered to me as it tangled my hair.  I didn’t try to smooth it down.  Instead I simply closed my eyes and let the elements affect me. 

The water welcomes me home. 

It is the essence of my being. 

The birth of life.




And,  when I find myself emotionally parched and brittle, I return to it.

The beginning .


2 thoughts on “Quenching The Soul…

  1. I like that phrase “emotionally parched and brittle.” Like a dusty old, shriveled book whose words have gone obsolute with the years. I can relate.

    Find your freedom and your beginning.


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