Without Joy Rising …


Have you ever just felt completely saturated?

As if you were a sponge and liquid were about to seep from you?

Did you ever simply want to run away to a deserted island and leave life and all the it encompasses behind?

The idea of such a thing appeals to me at a base level.  And, as of late,  I have found life quite exhausting and lacking in joy.

Joy;  That feeling of happiness that bubbles forth from the littlest things.

I remember the way it feels:




As if gravity momentarily releases you from its cumbersome grip. 

This is the feeling that makes everything else worth it. 

But what happens when there is no joy? 

How does one recapture it?

I’ve always thought it would be miraculous if we could bottle bits of emotion. 

Joy. Safety. Love.  ‘

Then, during “dry” times, all one would simply have to do is open the vessel to release the essence.

But it’s not possible.

So here’s the question:

Where does it go? 

How do we get those brief moments back?  So that the rest seems bearable?

When the laughter fades from our days and things seem hard what do we do without it?


2 thoughts on “Without Joy Rising …

  1. Instead of going to the deserted island, we could go to Spain. As soon as I have my garage/estate sale/ patio sale. We’d just be Flamenco Dancers. I am teaching again and it feels good. I had taken a break for the summer.
    Happy Sunday

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