Morning …


So, here I sit at 4:30 am …

It’s still dark outside and there’s a lovely quiet that  permeates the world.  I’ve forgotten how peaceful this time of day (albeit extremely early morning) is. 

I used to always wake up at this time.  I would bounce out of bed a moment before the alarm went off and greet the day.  Of course, that was when my body clock wasn’t completely off kilter.

There’s something about the beginning of a new day that brings thoughts of possibility.  It’s as if everything one believes, desires or thinks will be attainable. 

Life is fresh.

Even the air (which has not yet been saturated by the hot Summer sun) is sweet, cool, moist and new.

I am once again acquainting myself with its beauty.


4 thoughts on “Morning …

  1. Cinnamon,
    I really like the imagery of this one. Yes, we do feel like that in the early wake of getting up. An expectation of something that will fulfill all our dreams. I like the picture. An egg hatching the sun.

  2. Well written post–I like the imagery.

    I used to bounce out of bed at such times ready to go, but the kids have left me grasping for every minute of sleep that I can collect.

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