The Pull …



I’m filled with restless energy today. 

It feels as if I’ve been infused with a sort of alien life force.   Something so unknown and strange. 

It’s as if my mind and body have been saturated with caffeine.  So much so that I swear the smell of coffee beans should seep from my pores.

Have you ever felt as if your soul were desperately trying to tell you something?  That if you’re very still you’ll hear it?

I feel there is an answer hanging in the air and all I have to do is walk through it.  As one would walk through a mist of perfume.

What is the answer?  For it’s not clear. 

 But the feeling is there and it’s time to listen.






Soulful pull.

I won’t step around it this time. 

Instead, I intend to fully immerse myself in it.


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