Put Your Thoughts Here …

If social networking sites didn’t exist, who would you be sharing your thoughts with now?

It’s a curious question.

We have become so used to dispensing our every thought, want, need and desire publicly, that I sometimes wonder if we’ve forgotten how to do it privately.

I don’t share easily. 

Yet I find it ridiculously simple to put down (virtually) any random thought or emotion that I may have. 

Why is this?

Do we believe that others may not take us at face value about what we’re saying?  So much so that we feel safe?

Have we become so desensitized to life that we will share our fears, daily moments, sadness or joy with random strangers, and not with those we hold dearest? 

Shouldn’t we instead be speaking these words gently into a lovers ear?

Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if we infused paper with our essence? 

Do you remember when we did?

2 thoughts on “Put Your Thoughts Here …

  1. Speaking as one of those “random strangers”, I heartily agree. It’s as if we feel compelled to ‘ship’ every little tidbit of our lives as it comes out of the hopper.

    Instead of, like a fine wine, allowing it to rest, to ferment and expand after harvesting, then allowing it to age for a bit, soaking up hints of its surroundings.

    But instead, we bottle up and ship this juice of the grape as fast as possible, even forgetting the process in time.

    And they drink it up. Gulping mouthfuls here and there from the various producers, never even slowing enough to enjoy the good vintages they happen to stumble upon.

    Because it would take time to stop and truly savor…
    admiring the mere sight of it
    the color, and even the vessel it sits in
    swirling it around and around
    watching as the trails linger
    allowing it to open up

    reflecting on the body
    as well as the finish


    I want to enjoy the whole process. Tasting the nuance that has taken time to mature. Inhaling deeply the bouquet, letting the complex liquid softness roll around on my tongue a bit before I drink deeply.

    I am enjoying your tasting notes…

    – TS

    Now, pardon me while I go update my Facebook status. 😉

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