Again …



So, here I sit once again, plagued by sleeplessness.

It’s the same story only on a different night. 

A thousand thoughts fill my head, yet I can’t put my finger on just one. 

But I’ll try …

Will I be able to wake up at 5:00 am when the alarm goes off?

Will I make it to my Dr’s appointment? Or should I reschedule? Do I even really want to go to the appointment?  Should I go?

Will I remember to pack my Roc cleanser discs? If I forget will the wrinkles that I’m staving off suddenly appear? What if the stores back East don’t carry them? Will I be forced to use an inferior product?

Are the crickets singing or are they speaking with one another?

When will I feel better?

Am I making the right decisions?

Should I take a sleeping aid?

Why did Lulu get hurt? Did I give her too much medicine this evening because I couldn’t see the lines clearly?

Was Eve really sinful? Or was the fruit?

Will I ever be able to wear the new wedge heeled, brown, Mary Jane’s that I purchased some time ago?  And, why in the world is my wardrobe freakishly lacking in the color brown?  If I buy more brown will it over power the black?

Maybe I should stop writing and polish my silver jewelery. 

Do rainbows really have a connection?

What will the movie be on the flight?

Why don’t I have chocolate in the house?

If a butterfly fluttered its wings against my cheek, would it tickle?

How do I relax?

Am I just rambling?

Why in the world did I attempt to apply red nail lacquer this evening?


2 thoughts on “Again …

  1. Morticia, darling, stop torturing yourself. That’s my job.

    Of course Roc is on the east coast. Darlin’ there isn’t anything that doesn’t exist in Manhattan. Trust me.

    Have a safe trip over.

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