Kung Pao at Sunrise …

There’s something delightful about left over Chinese take out.  Especially in the morning. 

That’s right, I’m eating Kung Pao and watching the Sunrise. 

Who says that breakfast must be eggs, toast and bacon?

When did we become so accustomed to eating certain things at specific times of the day?

Shouldn’t we begin our days on a spicy note? Won’t it help to not only get your metabolism going but wake you up as well?

On another note, I should be applying mascara at this very moment.  However, I am not.  It seems that I’m having a wee bit of an issue with priorities this morning, eh?

But, hey, that’s how I roll (okay, I don’t ever use this phrase but it’s just fun)!!

5 thoughts on “Kung Pao at Sunrise …

  1. I don’t know what Kung Pao is, but it sounds wonderful. I never eat the standard accepted breakfast or any other meal for that matter. I often eat soup for breakfast…. ate it for 35 years when I was Macrobiotic. I also like pop corn for breakfast. But I can do that because I’m alone. Does your family like Chinese for breakfast too or do you have to cook two meals. When my husband was alive, I always cooked 2 meals because he woudn’t eat what I would.

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