Carousel …


I love carousels!

There’s something a bit magical about them. 

As if just by stepping on to one you could somehow transport yourself to different lands.

I’ve always wanted a carousel horse of my very own.  I suppose it’s a little girls dream that hasn’t yet slipped away.  But not just any horse, one that is old, hand carved and filled with brilliant character.  One that vibrates with happy energy.  The kind that has been infused into the wood over the years by whimsical riders.

I spent the day today at the Atlantic, and the carousel you see above is from 1932.  The music that it plays is from an original Wurlitzer organ. 

It is magnificent!

The best part? All of the animals had names. 

Personally I preferred Norma, Lilian and Fella!


4 thoughts on “Carousel …

  1. I’ve never see a kid who didn’t like a carousel. I think it’s also the organ music…. something a little mysterious about it. You made it to the Atlantic.

    • Yes. I made it! It was a delightful day. Carousels are simply magic to me. I suppose I’ve never lost that bit of myself. And, I agree. The organ music is slightly other worldly!

      Happy day!

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