Quandary …

I’m tired. But I’m also extraordinarily and uncomfortably restless.  The two are not coexisting well together this evening.

I feel as if I should simply lay my head upon a pillow, close my eyes and let sleep take me. 

However the restless part feels as if I may lose out on something if I do. 

But that’s ridiculous, right?

It’s a quandary I faced as a child.  I would desperately tell myself that I was going to stay awake to watch Saturday Night Live.  But when push came to shove my eyes were much to heavy to stay alert and I would awaken on the floor, in front of the television, long after the show had closed. 

That’s a bit how I am feeling this evening. 

The night is quiet, cool and uneventful.  Yet  I can’t let go of it. 

Maybe if I listen to the crickets for a few more hours I’ll finally have unraveled the mystery of their language.  And, the answers to all of my question will be at my fingertips.  Yes?

Alas, I feel that familiar heaviness in my eyelids. 

I guess all of my answers will have to wait another day.


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