Sometimes It Happens …

There are times, like tonight, when I wish that I had someone. 

Someone to help me deal with things that frustrate me, such as a recalcitrant fire alarm that will not stop chirping. Someone to laugh at the tantrum that I just threw, whilst standing upon a chair and hitting said fire alarm. 

I long for warm, strong arms that will gather me into them tightly, pulling me into a strong, hard chest. 

I want to feel comforted by the smell of warm skin and the sound of another’s chuckle as they rest their chin upon my head. 

I need soothing words, sweet murmurs in my ear and calming touch.

I fear that many would somehow see me as weak for such longings. 

Yet I am not.

I am a strong, stubborn and willful woman who is quite capable of taking care of herself. 

But sometimes, I simply want to let go …

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