A Sense …

I can feel the seasons this evening. 

It’s as if Summer has finally let go of its hold and allowed Fall to rush in.  The air outside is crisp, cold and earthy.

Utter perfection.

And I am happily ensconced in my warm little abode. 

Soft candle light flickers from across the room and the smell of red apples infuses my surroundings. 

It’s quiet except for the occasional whirring of the heater. 

And, I am grateful.

It’s a word that has swirled through my head today. 

A warm home.

A family that I love. 

Friends that are true and dear. 

A puppy that is my heart. 

The smell of the Fall air. 

The weight of a book in my hands.

The sight of dappled sunlight streaming through tree branches. 

The feel of lotion on soft skin.

The knowledge that life is precious.

It all culminated into a sense of contentment.

Yes, there is still much that I want, desire and need. 

But for now, in this moment, I am fulfilled …


4 thoughts on “A Sense …

  1. You describe a precious moment. I, too, have always found comfort in the word, “gratitude. In fact, I think I recently posted on that word. Marilyn and I talk of the things we hold dear on many of our daily chats. It’s a wise person who is satisfied with the moment.

    • Thank you so much for this bit of encouragement…

      Strangely, I have been unable to express myself as of late. It’s as if something is holding me back. But with that said, my hope is that the (proverbial) dam will break and the words will flow once again.

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