Whispers into the past …

Lately,  I’ve longed for a time machine…

One that would whisk me back to when I was a little girl.  I want to whisper all the answers into her sweet little ear. 

Bits and pieces such as:

Don’t take the easy way as it’s rarely the best way.  Strength lies in the road less traveled.

Do not let fear stop you.  Instead, face it, validate and walk around.  Courage will be your gift.

Your body is a temple. Do not take it for granted, for it is the only one you will ever have. Listen to its call.  For if you don’t, you may one day miss out on a beautiful dream.

Have patience.  It is not only a virtue but a must in this thing called life.  Instant gratification is alluring, yet that which is worth having is worth waiting for.

Love. Love often and with deep intent.  The moment that you harden your heart sadness will be your shadow.

Others don’t matter. Be yourself, live out loud, fight back, stand your ground and be heard.

Be your own best friend.  The world contains people who will attempt to hurt, malign and betray you.  Do not think badly of yourself.  You are a lovely bit of ethereal energy, believe it.

Cherish every moment.  For in the blink of an eye life can and will change.  Remember the laughter, love and passion.  Memories will heal you.

Embrace truth for it will be your guardian.

And, always remember, you are one of a kind.  So smile, it’s beautiful thing.


5 thoughts on “Whispers into the past …

  1. If you ever come across this time machine, please find the younger version of me and tell me the same tidbits.

    What heartaches I would save!

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