In a moment …

Seasons change, days disappear and hours tick by.

And, with each moment I feel more adrift. 

It’s as if all that I once knew is now simply a faded dream. 

I’m afraid. 

Of change. 

The unknown. 



So many things.

I miss my best friend. Car dancing.  Eating al fresco.  Silly Summertime antics by and in the pool.  Sun saturated skin.  Delicious martinis.  Super blonde streaked hair and the smell of roses in the morning…

I want to feel grounded. 

Where is my center?

Where did it go?

What cosmic – gravitational pull set me into this spin?

Will I ever know? 

Is it even important anymore? 

Shouldn’t I simply put it all aside and start fresh?  Out with the old and in with the new?

But hey, I’ve never really been that great with this thing called ‘change’…

Have you?


One thought on “In a moment …

  1. Yes. Move forward. Continually playing the past in your head keeps you stuck there–you lived it already and if it wasn’t pleasant, why would you want to keep re-living it? You can’t control other people or what happens around you, but, you can control what you think about and you can control being kind to yourself; being present and enjoying all that you do have, not lamenting what you don’t have. There’s no peace or joy in that. Stop torturing yourself, Morticia darling…that’s my job.


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