Day of Birth …

Birthdays fill me with dread.

Existential angst, if you will.

A few questions come to mind:

Have  I accomplished any major goals? 

Am I further along now than I was a year ago? 

Is that a wrinkle forming in the corner of my eye?

Have I built up my karmic coins? 

Why haven’t  I fulfilled my destiny? The one I once knew about when the world was sparkly and brand new on the day of my birth. 

Have I lessened my carbon foot print? 

Did I contribute anything to the world? Beauty? Peace? 

Will I find what I’m looking for?  Do I even know what that is?

When did ballerina jewelry boxes become silly for an adult woman? 

Why can’t I remember ‘that’ feeling? The one of  utter joy and bliss when blowing out birthday candles on a pink iced cake. 

Will I be loved for who I am now and not for what I might become? 

Will ‘ROC’ skin products always be around? Or will I simply get lucky and find I have my Swedish grandmother’s ‘good’ genes? 





5 days and counting …


2 thoughts on “Day of Birth …

  1. 1. Yes.
    2. Oh hell, yes.
    3. No, you don’t have a mark on your gorgeous face.
    4. Yes, you could start a karmic bank. In fact, all the coins have your face on them.
    5. Life is fluid and the constant is change, hence, so is your destiny, so you may have new ones all the time.
    6. You are super-duper green. Kermit is envious.
    7. Yes, your tender heart, soul and kindness resonates throughout the world. What’s more beautiful and peaceful than that?
    8. Yes. And, yes.
    9. They didn’t.
    10. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment, the thrill and excitement of being the Birthday Princess and then…make a wish.
    11. Yes.
    12. You already have great genes and look amazing. You are luminescent!
    13. Because.
    14. Where you are.
    15. Everyday.
    16. Allow it.

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