Silent Night …

It’s quiet tonight.

It seems as if the past weeks have been filled with noise.

Not just audible but soulful as well.

But at this moment the only sound I hear is the soft hum of the heater working to warm my chilled skin.

The aroma of pine needles and sugar cookie candle wax lingers in the air. Eliciting memories of Decembers past.  While the brightly colored Christmas lights twinkle in the darkness, beckoning me to lay beneath the tree and look upwards into the brilliance.

If I did, I wonder, would I be magically transported to childhood? To a time of wonderment and ethereal beauty?

It is during times such as this that I can breathe.  Let go.  Dream.  Wish.  Renew.

I am alone at this moment but not lonely.

My soft warm bed is whispering to me.  It entices with promises of gentle lullabies and sweet sleep.

I believe I will give in …


3 thoughts on “Silent Night …

    • Randy,

      Sometimes it’s the little things that make us remember what life is about. And, help us to forget about strife for a bit. I’m glad it spoke to you!


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