Gratitude Day Two …



My mother.

I can not begin to express how wonderful she truly is.

She is beauty, strength and joy all rolled into one delightful blonde being.

It’s funny how the way we see our parents changes over the years.

When we’re small, they are just that ‘our parents’.

We do not equate any sort of life with them other than what we know.

But as we grow older, if we’re lucky, we build a bond that’s based not only on mutual respect but friendship as well.

I have just that with my mom.

She rang me three times this week to simply tell me that she was thinking of me.  She must have known (instinctively) that I needed a smile.  Each time we spoke there was a lilt in her voice that radiated through the telephone lines and into me. The conversations were rather quick but truly nurturing none the less.

It’s amazing to think that this woman gave birth to me.  We are connected not only by blood and flesh but by an invisible, mutual bond as well.  One of understanding, knowledge and life experience.

There are times when I suddenly feel as if I am wearing a ‘mom’ expression.  It actually feels like something she would do.  Most of the time it makes me laugh. But at other times it brings home that we do, to a certain extent, become our mother’s.

But, I have decided that’s not all that bad.

My strength, stubbornness, kindness, compassion and wit have come from her.

And filled with these parts,  I know that I will never be alone.

My mom walks with me daily.

I love her.


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