Gratitude Day Three …

Lulu is my saving grace.

She is a small, sweet and brindled beast and I love her (Sorry if this sounds a bit like a line from a Beatles tune).

We are not only co-dependent but symbiotic as well!

Sometimes I wish I it was possible to bottle the way it feels when she curls up behind my knees every night.

If only I could.

Then no matter what life holds I would always feel the sweet warmth that she brings to my being.

The feeling of contentment.

The heart enlarging beauty that is pure love.

When I am sad she kisses my face.

When I am happy she sings with me.

When I am weary we rest.

Her cold wet nose, milk chocolate eyes, little black lips and sweet snaggle tooth remind me daily that I am beautiful.

But most importantly she reminds me that I am loved.

For this and her I am eternally grateful.

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