Gratitude Day Four …

I awoke early this morning to the sound of rain.

So soothing and tender.

Almost like a lovers whisper in my ear.

It gently roused my slumbering cells and imparted an immediate feeling of peace.

I love the rain.

I long to raise my face skyward and let the wetness fall upon my lips.

Liquid is life.

We’re cradled within it before our birth and choose to relax in its warmth when we are weary.

When we are sad we shed tears. Salty liquid essence that flows from our being just as the raindrops fall from the heavens.

It purifies our bodies and quenches thirst.

Without it flowers would never bloom.

And,  what would this world be without such vibrant, sweet-smelling beauty?

So, today, I am most grateful for the rain and all of the lush intensity that it brings.

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