Gratitude Day Five …

Pajamas! ‘O’ how I love them!

Maybe it’s the memory of wearing them as a child or simply that they mean utter comfort and warmth on a cold Winters night.

Either way they are soft, cuddly perfection.

Sexy you ask?

Maybe not, but it’s the girl inside that makes the pajamas, no?

Did I mention the socks?

At the moment my choice is a pair of thick woolen beasts that are simply divine.

For as long as I can remember I have received a new pair of pj’s every Christmas Eve. 

And, even now at the age of … well I think I’ll keep that part to myself… I am still blessed with this gift.

Last years goodies –  blue and white fleece penguin and polar bear riddled pants and a top.

Looking at them elicits two things:

First: Hysterical laughter


Secondly: The need for air conditioning

But I keep them.  And now and again, when I am all alone on a very chilly evening, I will don them.

Strangely though, I find myself bottomless somewhere in the middle of the night (apparently even the sleepy me knows when to prevent heat stroke).

It’s funny, I truly despise pajamaish (my word of course) nightgowns. Please, no little house on the prairie gear for this girl. 

And,  just so you don’t think I’m not sophisticated,  I happen to own several pair of lovely satin ones as well. 

But again, the bottoms usually end up discarded in the wee hours (just as a side note: Never ever sleep on satin sheets with satin pajamas. The result  is painfully catastrophic (think sliding off said sheets. But I digress…).

So, let’s give a hearty and grateful round of applause for jammies.  A tired girls best friend!


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