Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?


They make up our being.

Bits and pieces of the past lingering within our brain cells and soul.

First kisses forever  felt

The scent of a gentle Spring rain

Sticky watermelon fingers on a hot Summer day

Rich red velvet cake tickling a taste bud

The scent of  a lovers skin

Moments indelibly burned into our psyches always within our reach should we need them.

They have the ability to comfort and bring warmth on a cold day.  Elicit a smile when you’re feeling blue or produce tears of regret.

When the world seems dreary or simply to hard to take, all that’s needed is a memory to whisk you away to a sunny island of perfection.

Without them we would be a blank slate.

Walking talking beings with only the moment to share. Lacking depth and insightful perception.

Lessons learned, forgotten.

Lovers,  never  remembered.

Laughter, never relived.

Our memories shape our reality and sometimes our dreams.

And, I am so grateful for the gift that they give.

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