The Heart …

How do you treat a heart that’s sad?


Salty tears to purify the beating mass?

Or maybe there’s a magical salve that masks its pain?

When does the ache of loss dissipate?

After a fracture some of the minute shards are forever lost. Leaving little nerve openings exposed, never to be quite closed off again.

 No matter how much time has passed.

So, in reality, time really doesn’t heal all wounds.  It simply helps to put together the pieces as best it can.

If only it was constructed of iron.

Then, it would be impervious to pain. 

Yet this would make it resistant to feeling as well. 

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which is best.

Even memories of sweetness cause that twisting ache. 

I suppose the answer is that you must hurt.  The pain the heart feels has been earned.

And, hopefully, once through the darkness you’ll understand and appreciate the light(ness) a bit more than before.


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