A Wish.

Merry Christmas …



11 thoughts on “A Wish.

  1. That is a wishing tree, for sure Hope your wishes are fulfilled.

    Merry Christmas! (in an hour and a half round these parts 🙂

      • 20 minutes, now. The clock on the blog wall says you wrote that at 7:26 am. Ha! I hear hoofed critters prancing on the roof. Surely they are at the wrong house. I wasn’t *that* good this year.

      • Yes the blog clock is more than a bit off. However, I can not for the life of me figure out how to change it. So …

        Well, there’s always time to be good for next year. Hopefully there won’t be coal in your stocking! May your holiday be bright, joyous and bring you peace.

  2. I wasn’t that bad either, and every year gives opportunities to be even better! My Christmas came early so the big red guy can pass by, I won’t be the least slighted.

    No coal!

    Maybe Santa will bring you a pink bicycle with a flowery basket and a bell on the handlebars. And maybe some tassels on the grips. Whatever this day brings you, I hope for you as well that it brings joy and peace and health and happiness 🙂

    p.s. I sort of have an idea of how to adjust the time format but they keep changing where the settings go for wordpress.

    4 minutes now. If you make your wish at the stroke of midnight on Christmas, it is supposed to come true. Close your eyes really tight and wish as hard as you can!

    • Huh, I have wanted a bike like that. How funny. Odd even that you should pick that. Alas, not this Christmas. There’s always next year. 364 days and counting.

  3. OK, found out how to correct the timestamp issue

    go to: settings

    go to: general

    just to the right of the long column on the far left (where the dropdown menus are) there is an area kind of on the left-ish that says :General Settings:

    Then there are headings for site title, tagline, email address, and TIMEZONE. That’s the one you’re looking for. Select the appropriate time zone and then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “SAVE”


    If that’s what you wished for, see how easy that turned out to be?

    • Thank you for taking the time to find that for me (especially since I didn’t even ask). How kind! I think I managed to change the time. Yay! And, I hope your Christmas was lovely. As for me, I have hopes and wishes. We’ll see how it all goes. And, I guess one wish did come true …

  4. Was the wish that came true pink with a flowery basket with a bell on the handlebars? I wasn’t channeling that, I think you may have written about it once in this blog. Sometimes random things stick in my head, others fly away at will — life is fun that way!

    My Christmas was lovely, thank you. Hope yours was too. Every day feels like Christmas these days.

    You didn’t ask for timestamp lessons. I didn’t mean to be presumptuous. Now that it appears the replies came before the original posts, we seem to be employed by the Psychic Network. I’ll know more after this one posts to see if it’s accurate or not… though a crystal ball would work just as well.

    363 shopping days left until Christmas 🙂

  5. They are right, by jove. Now if only I could tell am from pm, that would be a bonus.

    You have a good week too, and a happy new 2012.

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