Knowing …

Do you ever wonder if our souls know?

Do they know the ways of the universe?

Is the mystery of life locked away in a secret compartment known only to our subconscious selves?

Are our lives predestined or does free will overpower and allow us to change the course that has been set?

When we sleep do we let go?

Are we tethered to this plane yet allowed to float in other dimensions?

Are our dreams reality?

Memories of our past and the moments we experience while we drift in the ether?

Is love tangible?

Can you touch it?

Breathe it?

Feel it with your fingertips?

Does the air hold emotion?

When we cry do our tears water a tiny secret garden beneath our feet?

When we sigh, are we exhaling our restless life force and inhaling molecules that are more peaceful?

If we’re very still can we feel the earth rotating on its axis?

Does ascension hurt?

Are kisses communication?

Do you know?


5 thoughts on “Knowing …

  1. Have you ever known something in your soul, even without concrete evidence?

    Have you ever felt led in an unknown direction, yet ended up exactly where you felt you should be?

    Do you wonder how sometimes you know the answers before you ask the questions?

    When you were born did you have a life plan, or did you make it up along the way — or did someone or something else do it?

    When you sleep, do you feel attached to your earthly bounds?

    Have you ever felt yourself rise above this dimension?

    Do you act out your dreams while conscious?

    Have you ever dreamed something you know you have not experienced while awake?

    Have you ever seen love?

    Ever touched it?

    Felt it in the air?

    Have you ever felt tension in the air?

    When you water your secret garden, does it continue to grow?

    When you sigh, do you feel more peaceful?

    Look up at a dark starry night and then close your eyes for a couple of minutes… then open your eyes… was it the stars that moved, or was it you, or was it the earth? Do it again … now can you feel the earth turning?

    Sometimes kisses say things that words can’t convey.

    I’ve given you more questions than answers, but the questions are the answer 🙂

    As for the ascension, well… maybe someday someone can tell us.

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