Questions of a memory …

What is it exactly that makes us memorable?

Is it the tenor of voice?

The sparkle of our eyes?

The feeling of  ones touch upon another’s skin?

Or soft laughter in the dark?

I suppose there are innumerable reasons why one might be remembered.

But do you ever wonder what you leave behind?

Is it enough?

Does it  even matter?

Or is the fact that you mingled soulfully with another sufficient?

Will we ever know?



4 thoughts on “Questions of a memory …

  1. Another great line, Candy!
    “Or is the fact that you mingled soulfully with another sufficient?”

    Here is your official notification:

    Congratulations! It’s official – The Academy, okay, mj monaghan, has recognized your wonderful blog with the Candle Lighter Award!

    Here’s the envelope with more details:!

    • Unfortunately there are some things in life that we may never know.

      Everyone is an original being with one of a kind attributes. It is these attributes that can never be found again in another.

      So whether or not we actually know the exact reasons, you must trust that you are memorable.

      So don’t be sad.

      Happy day to you …

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