Have you ever …

dreamt of me?


2 thoughts on “Have you ever …

  1. Once, I thought that might have been you in a dream … we were at a beach, building a sand castle. Life-sized. You were trying to install saloon doors in the front, but you didn’t like the way they would let the surf inside. So I suggested installing the indoor pool right inside the foyer, so that it could be refilled every day, saving enormous water expense. You liked that idea, but you said not everyone who might come over could swim. Just then a guy swam up wearing a snorkel and fins and a spacesuit, offering free swimming lessons. Where the doorbell should have been, you attached a sheet of paper with “Swim Lesson Sign Up” written on it. Then, the guy with the snorkel grew gills and began beating on his chest shouting, “I AM FLIPPER!” Which was pretty crazy, because we could see he was not a dolphin at all.


    (in an irreverent mood)

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