Dispelling the dark …

Saturating my heart with sunshine

When I awoke this morning I felt as if a stone had taken residence inside my heart.

Heaviness residing  within its pulsating depths.

Dreams lingered – foggy and dense, polluting my clarity.

While desires knifed their way through.

A longing for tenderness, intimate and breathtaking permeated my being.

I wanted to be held.

But instead the world felt cold and unyielding.

Rather than hide away, I spent the day wandering Cypress shaded trails, while listening to the ocean waves crash against the shore.

And lost myself in little stores that felt like snippets of Wonderland.

Oh how I wish I had fallen down the rabbit hole.

There’s something restorative about the sea.

With each crashing wave came a cleansing breath from my soul.

I meandered and lost myself in a sunshine saturated Winter day.

Letting myself smile for no reason, other than the fact that life and freedom are lovely.

I picnicked in the sunshine by the shore and savored delicious fare.

And, during this day, I came to realize

I am unique.


life holds abundant delight.

I suppose the moral of the story is this:

Let the light in.

No matter how dense the darkness feels.

Sadness is acceptable.

There will be emotional moments in your life.

But don’t let them rob you of all the moments of beauty a day can hold.

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