If it itches don’t scratch …

I must clear my head.

I awoke this morning to a mind fuzzy with dreams of pain and loss, bits of yesterday and the longings of today.

In fact I suppose I could categorize myself as somewhat sad.

There is a slight feeling of need biting under my skin and it begs for touch.

My heart and head are raging a mini war with my soul and I don’t want to be a casualty caught in the cross fire.

It’s funny how this can happen, isn’t it?

I suppose it’s all a part of the healing process.

The new skin covering the old wounds is bound to get itchy now and again.

The important thing to remember is not to scratch.

If you do, you risk a tear …

2 thoughts on “If it itches don’t scratch …

  1. I get the feeling that when you say “it is funny how this can happen,” there isn’t much funny about how you feel. I’m sorry for your suffering. This isn’t an instant fix, but you may find some comfort by trying a few simple techniques to alleviate the pressure caused by sadness.

    The ancients taught that we hold on to negative emotions in our primary organs. As weird as this sounds, you may think back on things you’ve grown up with as common knowledge, such as using the expression of “heart ache,” or that you worry about things in your gut. That is because we hold worry in our spleen (near our stomach) and we hold negativity in our heart.
    As it turns out we hold grief in our lungs. It is OK to feel sad sometimes. We all feel sadness. Not only is it appropriate to grieve but necessary. But what can really cause damage is holding on to grief. So it is such a relief to learn ways to let it go.

    If you find it helpful, please share your stories with my readers on my knew blog called Letting Go of Sadness, where I share simple techniques to help alleviate the pain of sadness.

    Best wishes to a peaceful recovery.

    • Yes, funny was not meant in a “ha ha” way. Instead, it’s odd how one can feel healed (regarding life) and yet without warning, suddenly feel as if they are walking in quick sand once again.

      Thank you for the helpful tips. I actually believe what you say and try to dispel the negativity. I did so today by taking myself to the sea. The water always feels like a coming home of sorts. A soulful grounding.

      Thank you again for your kindness. Truly.

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