I want to …

be read to in bed

laugh uproariously

be sprinkled with fairy dust

find fulfillment

know the answers

weep from tenderness

whisper sweet nothings

saturate my being with tropical sunshine

listen to the stars

dance barefoot in the living room with a lover

catch snowflakes on my eyelashes

sing off-key


say I love you

wear pretty sandals


become a red-head.

What do you want?

20 thoughts on “I want to …

  1. Old-fashioned vanilla with little flecks of vanilla beans. With hot fudge drizzled over it, maybe a little hot caramel too. Just a little though. Whipped cream on the top — the kind that comes out of an aerosol can. Probably deadly but we’ve all got to go sometime… To top it off, a maraschino cherry. I’d say “at this moment” but it’s time to go to sleep. So, “in the morning”, will be fine πŸ™‚

  2. You’re confused? I’m baffled! You changed your format. It dropped a lot of your comments and mine are waiting for moderation … you said something about me having tourette’s and … well … don’t worry I’ve probably lost my mind. Nothing to be confused about, on your end of things anyway.

    • I see your baffled and raise you dementia (mine of course not yours) : | Yes, I have a bee in my bonnet and I am changing this around a bit. I’m sure I’ll find the comments (unless of course they have run off for a spot of fun).

  3. I’ll see your dementia and raise you a full blown case of … whatever is worse than dementia. Where do comments run off to, for this “spot of fun” you speak of?

    ohhhhh this new format is worse than disappearing ink

    okie dokie

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