A new day …

Today is new and open to delight!

Smile, it’s good for the soul.

Be gentle to yourself and others.

Give before taking.

Know yourself before you ask another who they are.

Be patient.

Move your body


open your mind.

It’s time to let it all in!

Know better …

When you know better you do better.

When you finally have all the information

you’re able to make a decision –

challenge emotions


find a new way of being.

The majority of people live their lives in a loop.

Doing –

saying –

acting –

reacting –

in the same way over and over.

Time wasted

emotions spent

and the same path tread.

Never quite able to make it out of the never-ending maze.

I won’t be one of those people.

I now know better.

So, I will do better.

I know everything.

I have read the page

it’s black and white.

The truth combined with knowledge

will ultimately be the key, to the lock, that sets you free.

l’heure bleue …

There is magic in the in between.

Sparkling stars whisper sweet nothings

as the moons cool light begins to envelop the ether.

A time of fairies – phantoms – silent flowery folding’s


passions release.

Neither light or dark


an astronomical twilight





l’heure bleue

Simply because it all bears repeating, remembering and of course doing!

Candy Coated Musings...

Lately,  I’ve longed for a time machine…

One that would whisk me back to when I was a little girl.  I want to whisper all the answers into her sweet little ear. 

Bits and pieces such as:

Don’t take the easy way as it’s rarely the best way.  Strength lies in the road less traveled.

Do not let fear stop you.  Instead, face it, validate and walk around.  Courage will be your gift.

Your body is a temple. Do not take it for granted, for it is the only one you will ever have. Listen to its call.  For if you don’t, you may one day miss out on a beautiful dream.

Have patience.  It is not only a virtue but a must in this thing called life.  Instant gratification is alluring, yet that which is worth having is worth waiting for.

Love. Love often and with deep intent.  The moment that you harden your…

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Dreams of a nerdy girl …

I dreamt of  Captain Jean Luc Picard last night.

We were piloting the Starship Enterprise together,

boldly going where no man has gone before.

When suddenly, Mr. Wharf was on deck dancing to Kool and The Gang.

And boy could that Klingon boogie.

Nerdy you say?

Why yes, yes I am.

And, quite proud of it.

I would garner a bet that there are a lot of closeted nerds out there.

Are you one of them?



Astronomical Delight …

There’s a new moon tonight.

Just the slightest sliver of cool silver.

It hangs delicately in a sky of midnight blue and black


sparkling Jupiter and Venus

as its adornments.

Such astronomical delight!

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The moving Moon went up the sky.
And nowhere did abide;
Softly she was going up,
And a star or two beside-

 Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A bit of giving …

I met a homeless man and his puppy yesterday.

The pup was precious.  Big paws and brown eyes.

I had stopped to find my cell phone (which had fallen underneath the passenger seat) and the sweet beast greeted me when I opened my door.

It was a chilly morning and I noticed that the man was wearing a back pack and had only one thin blanket over his shoulders.  I imagined them working to keep each other warm in the night and my heart simply broke.

I immediately realized that I had a few dog provisions in the car.

First, my Lulu’s coat.

It is pink and white and it’s been with us for years.

But at that moment, I realized the most important thing was that the little puppy have it.  I pulled it out of the back and walked up to the man.  He was so thrilled.  I worried about the colors (because the pup was male),  but he said “the colors don’t matter, it will definitely keep him warm”.

I then went back to the car and found a couple of bones and a sweet little toy.

When I returned to the curb, the puppy was warm and cozy and seemed so happy.

He saw the bones in my hand and was thrilled.

When I left them, bear cub (the puppy) was happily chewing a bone and the man had gone into the store to get coffee with a few dollars I had given him.

As I pulled away, I realized that it’s when we step out of ourselves – our worries and our ego’s, that it is possible to truly be happy.

Love is in the giving and in the knowledge that you just may have made a difference in someone’s life no matter how small.