Morning bits …

The coffee is strong and bitter and helps to bring me to life.

It’s one of those mornings where all I want to do is sit quietly and contemplate what ‘it’ all means.

Such as …

When the birds sing are they truly singing? Or speaking in a complex language we simply can’t understand?

When you wish upon a star does your dream really come true?

If you think too long about the texture of cottage cheese does eating it become unappealing?

Why must bananas lose their green ripeness?

Am I the only person who can only eat them when they are perfect and without a spot?

Is anyone else thinking the same thing as me at this very moment?

If a cricket from the East Coast found its way West, would the Western Crickets make fun of it because of its accent?

Is that a grey hair I see?

Do I have time today to go to the salon and become a red-head (sans the grey)?

If I go ‘red’ will I look cheap and be taken for a floozy?

Do little hands mean anything?

When the clock ticks can you feel the time disappear?

Will you miss it?

When I say “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” why does it make me smile?

Does magic truly exist? Or is it something we choose to believe so that life isn’t dull?

Is the Winter really cold for those with no warm memories?

Why do I sing songs about nothing?

Will I touch someone’s life today?

Do you know?


9 thoughts on “Morning bits …

    • Green bananas or no bananas, thank you very much! As for the machete, it’s something to think about (hiring someone to do it for me. I would never walk around with a large, sharp object)!

  1. Oh sure! Make it sound all easy and stuff! I videotaped peeling one (trying to, anyway) to prove how the green-ness makes them virtually impenetrable and of course, it peeled just like you said it would. So I ate it. Then, because it can’t really be that easy, peeled another one. It may have been aided by a split that I hadn’t noticed (at the store or at home). It wasn’t split all the way to the fruit so I ate that too. Now I’m full and too tired to process the video. But so far, you have two points, and I have zero. Now I’m out of bananas.

  2. “Oh, and it seems a trip to the market is in order.”

    On an empty stomach in the morning, to boot. Because I ate two days worth of breakfasts to prove that you (I) can’t peel a green banana.

    I am going to buy even greener than usual bananas. And a heavy duty chisel. You’ll see…

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